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Utsav: Reaching Culinary Nirvana In Midtown!

An Exotic Dinner at Utsav

An Exotic Dinner at Utsav What’s on your list if you are dining on a night out? French, Italian, or Japanese? How about try something different this time. If there is a romantic dinner on your calendar, I think it’s time to explore the realm of Indian cuisine. Curry over rice is absolutely delicious, but […]

The Thousand Best

The Thousand Best This place is famous among midtown curry hounds for its generous and reasonably priced lunch buffet. The cozy, plum-and-saffron dining room resembles an upscale cafeteria in a suburban Mumbai mall but the menu includes creations from all over the subcontinent, like delectable Kashmiri lamb rogan josh and Goan giant shrimp in a […]

Where New Yorkers Actually Eat in Times Square

With lunchtime seven days a week, Utsav offers a $21.95 all-you-can-eat Indian buffet consisting of nearly three dozen dishes. The food is various and subtly spiced, and always includes tandoori chicken, saag paneer, dal makhani, lentil salads, and a shrimp or lamb dish, plus a choice of two desserts. Warm bread is delivered at intervals